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Selecting of the Diffuse Reflectance Spectra Parameters for Identification of Oxygen Containing Admixtures and the Degree of Interaction in ZnS(ZnO)–Dy2S3 Systems

N.A. Chivireva, I.V. Stoyanova, V.F. Zinchenko, A.O. Stoianov, I.R. Magunov, O.S. Mazur, V.P. Antonovich*

* Corresponding authors
Bogatskii Physicochemical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lyustdorfskaya dor. 86, Odessa, 65080 Ukraine

Methods Objects Chem. Anal., 2015, 10(1), p. 11-17

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Possibility of identification of Dysprosium(III) compounds – oxosulfide (Dy2O2S), sulfide (Dy2S3) and oxide (Dy2O3) under characteristics of spectra of diffuse reflectance (position, intensity and splitting of the bands caused by 4f-4f-electronic transitions in Dy3+ ion) in near IR-interval of a spectrum. Quantitative parameter F(R)max/F(R)IV - the relation between intensities of the bands of reflectance corresponding to transitions 6H13/26H9/2; 6F11/2 and 6H13/26H11/2 − is proposed making possible detecting presence of Dysprosium oxosulfide in samples of Zinc sulfide alloyed with Dy2S3 which is used as sulfidizing and oxygen-removing additive. It is established that the negative deviation from additivity of values of F(R) of the bands of diffuse reflectance with increase of the content of Dysprosium sulfide in samples of ZnS-n%Dy2S3 can serve as the interaction characteristic of admixture (ZnO) and alloying (Dy2S3) components in studied systems.

Keywords: zinc sulfide, dysprosium sulfide, dysprosium oxosulfide identification, diffuse reflectance
spectra parameters

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