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Volume 15, No.3, 2020 (accepted)

Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination for Simultaneous Estimation of Isoniazid and Ciprofloxacin in Mixture and Pharmaceutical Formulation  
Maha A. Mohammed, Sumayha M. Abbas, Jasim M. S. Jamur
Cloud Point Extraction of Cationic Surfactants and Their Ionic Associates with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate  
S.O. Lelyushok, V.O. Doroschuk, S. A. Kulichenko
Biologically Active Aldehydes in Extracts of Lactarius Pergamenus (Fr.) Fr Fresh Fruiting Bodies  
V.O. Antonyuk, L.V. Panchak, M.V. Tsivinska, R.S. Stoika
Determination of T-2 and HT-2 Toxin in Wheat Grain by HPLC with Fluorescence Detection  
O.A. Laposha, S.A. Senin, S.V. Midyk, O.M. Iakubchak, T.V. Taran, I.V. Zabarna, L.М. Ishchenko, V.D. Ishchenko, V.O. Ushkalov
The Oxidative Derivatization Method for the Indirect Spectrophotometric Determination of Prochlorperazine in Tablets  
M.Ye. Blazheyevskiy, V.P. Moroz
Dimethylchlorosilanaerosyl Impregnated with a Acetone or Ethanol - a Multifunctional Sorbent for the Separation of Microquantities of Al (III), Ga (III), In (III)  
A.N. Chebotarev, E.M. Rakhlytskaya, T.M. Shcherbakova, D.V. Snigur

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