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Volume 14, No.3, 2019

Monitoring and Distribution of Organochlorine Pesticides, Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Surface River Water and Suspended Particulate Matter 117-129
M.V. Milyukin, M.V. Gorban, M.M. Skrynnyk
Voltammetric Determination of Pt(IV) using 5-Hydroxyimino-4- imino-1,3-thiazolidine-2-one 130-139
P.V. Rydchuk, O.S. Tymoshuk, L.V. Oleksiv, T.I. Chaban, V.S. Matiychuk
A New Oxidative Derivatization Method for the Indirect Spectrofluorimetric Determination of Prochlorperazine Maleate in Pharmaceutical Preparations 140-145
M.Ye. Blazheyevskiy, Yu.V. Skrypynets, A.V. Yegorova, V.P. Antonovich
Visual Binary Testing of Hydrogen Sulfide Dissolved in Return Underground Local-Water of Oil and Gas Condensate Fields 146-152
E.A. Reshetnyak, N.N. Nemets, O.S. Chernyshova, A.V. Panteleimonov, V.M. Ostrovskaya
Simultaneous Determination of Tartrazine, Patented Blue V and Brilliant Blue FCF by Spectrophotometry with Chemometric Algorithms 153-162
O.O. Lukianova, A.N. Chebotarev, D.V. Snigur
Simultaneous Kinetic Spectrophotometric Determination of Ascorbic Acid and Cysteine with an Optical Probe by Mean Centering of Ratio Kinetic Profiles Method 163-170
A.B. Vishnikin, Yu.V. Miekh, Ya.R. Bazel, M.E.A. Al-Shwaiyat, G.O. Petrushina

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