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Volume 3, No. 1, 2008


Methods of preconcentration and determination of phenolic compounds (Review)

V.N. Zaitsev, V.A. Khalaf, G.N. Zaitseva

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Modern trends of selenium and arsenic analytical chemistry development

S.L. Linnik, O.A. Zaporozhets.

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Influence of the ligands structure  2-oxo-4-hydroxyquinoline-3-carboxylic acid amide derivatives on luminescent characteristics of their complexes with lanthanide ions

D.I. Aleksandrova, À.V. Yegorova, L.N. Ognichenko, Y.V. Scripinets, I.V. Ukrainets, V. E. Kuz�min,V.P. Antonovich.  

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Silica-organic materials with immobilized xylenol orange and calcein: fabrication, physico-chemical properties, and detection of metal ions

Y. V. Kholin, S. V. Korneev, I. V. Khristenko, F. Pissetti, Y. Gushikem.  

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Flame spectrometry determination of alkali and alkali-earth metals in natural, drinking and sewage waters of various mineralization levels

T.V. Sheina, N.N. Grebenyuk, N.I. Shevtsov.

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Ray fluorescent determination of iron (III), zinc and mercury (II) content using anion exchanger AV-17

E.A. Zauer.

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Preconcentration of microquantities of Mo(VI), W(VI) and As(V) anions on the silica gel with immobilized polyionene

Polishchuk L.M., Yanovska E . S ., Yanishpolskii V.V., Tertykh V.A., Sukhyy K.M., Burmistr M.V.

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Determination of major and trace elements in powders of cow milk solid residues by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry

T.N. Gunicheva.  

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Investigation of redox reactions of cupper (III) with basic polymethyne dyes.

Rushchak M.M., Balogh J.S., Bazel Ya.R.

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Ion Selective Electrode Based on Ion Associate with Basic Dye for the Potentiometric Determination of Diclofenac

Kormosh Zh.O., Hunka I.P., Krakovyak R.V., Bazel Ya.R.

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Voltammetry of calcon in the presence of hafnium ions

Levytska H.D., Orshulyak O.O.

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Fibonacci series in the test analysis and scope of visual perception

L.P. Eksperiandova, S.V. Khimchenko.  

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