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A Kinetic Photometric Method for Benzalkonium Chloride Determination in Eye Drops

Mykola Ye. Blazheyevskіy, Olena V. Koval’ska*

* Corresponding authors
National University of Pharmacy, 4, Valentinivs’ka, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61000;

Methods Objects Chem. Anal., 2018, 13(4), p. 177-182 

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A novel sensitive kinetic photometric method for the Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) determination has been developed. The method is based on the ability to inhibit the reaction of Acetylcholine hydrolysis by cholinesterase. The reaction rate is evaluated by the non-hydrolysed Acetylcholine residue, which is determined by the amount of Peracetic acid, produced during the interaction with the excess of H 2 O 2 . Indicator reaction is an interaction of p-phenetidine with Peracetic acid that leads to the formation of 4,4'-azoxyphenetole with λ max = 358 nm (lg ε = 4.2). The conditions affecting the reaction (reagents concentration, pH, order of addition of reagents, stability in time) have been optimized. The linear dependence has been obeyed in the range of (1.4-8.4)10 -6 mol L -1 of BAC with correlation coefficient of 0.999. The assay LOQ (20 % of the inhibition degree) has been 1.910 -6 mol L -1 . The proposed method has been successfully applied to the analysis of the eye drops and has shown an accuracy and reliability of the results obtained.

Keywords: benzalkonium chloride (BAC), cholinesterase, acetylcholine

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Publisher:Taras Shevchenko National University, Kiev Ukraine

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