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Volume 3, No. 1, 2008

Polishchuk L.M., Yanovska E . S ., Yanishpolskii V.V., Tertykh V.A., Sukhyy K.M., Burmistr M.V.

Preconcentration of microquantities of Mo(VI), W(VI) and As(V) anions on the silica gel with immobilized polyionene

Immobilization of polyionene has been executed by onium polymerization over the silica surface layer (in situ immobilization). Obtained adsorbent was used for preconcentration and determination of microquantities of anionic form of Ìî(VI), W(VI) and As(V) in water solution by X-ray fluorescence and sorption � photometric(bromopyrogallol red) analyses.

Keywords: modified silica immobilization polyionene anionic forms of molybdenum, tungsten and arsenic sorption-X-ray fluorescence analysis

Publisher: Analytical Chemistry Scientific Council of Ukraine

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